Whose Story Will You Share?

We are crowdfunding! 

What does crowdfunding mean? 
This means you can pre-order any of our products at an incredible discount to help us raise awareness and start-up costs. 
When will I get my order? 
Our official launch will be in early to mid-November. From now until then, all pre-ordered products will be created, packaged and shipped!
Why should I pre-order now? 
1. Sweet Deals
Pre-ordering gives you access to early-bird discounts and deals that will not be available once we launch!
2. Helps us Launch
Pre-ordering really helps us get our feet off the ground without accruing (too much) debt. We are spending a lot of time getting our name out there, working on creating the best product for you and continuing to share women's stories. 
3. Exclusive Products
Pre-ordering also gives you access to an exclusive long sleeve, a custom outfit and a chance to create a one-of-a-kind design about a woman in your life or community. Plus, did I mention the discounts?

Thank you so much for pre-ordering and helping us spread #victressvibes. 

Sorry, there are no products here.