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All of our shirts are inspired by real amazing women. Carry and share their stories everywhere you go via the QR Code tag.

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Infinity Tee

Inspired by Yayoi Kusama. Once overlooked for being a Japanese woman in the New York art scene, her resilience has made her one of the best selling artists in the world. 

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Riot Tee

Inspired by the Punk Rock Band Pussy Riot. Fueled by the drive to call out corruption and advocate for Human Rights, Pussy Riot has made waves creating and rebelling.

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Writing Tee

Inspired by the prolific writer Maya Angelou. Guided by deep faith and a strong self-worth, her words are some of the most impactful and most quoted around the world.

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MKE Hometown Heroine

Inspired by Vel Phillips, Milwaukee's Hometown Heroine. Driven by the doing the right thing, she advocated for Fair Housing in Milwaukee and nationally. 

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Social Justice Tee

Inspired by Dolores Huerta. Coining the phrase "Si, se puede" she led the movement that gave migrant workers and laborers basic human rights and continues to teach grass roots organization today. 

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Codebreaker Tee

Inspired by Joan Clarke. One of a few women allowed to work in mathematics, she helped break the Nazi enigma during World War II, leading to the salvation of millions. 

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